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Dan Lok Review

He’s one of the most highest-paid and most-in-demand

business consultant in the field of luxury and high-ticket sales.


He’s also the creator of “High-Ticket Millions Methodology™”. It’s the world’s most advanced system for getting high-end clients for your business.

For his programs, he usually works exclusively with business coaches, consultants, and other service professionals who want sustainability with their business.

Also, he’s one of the extremely high caliber speakers who actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures. He is two times TEDx opening speaker and an international best-selling author of over 12 books.

These days, Dan’s private clients pay up to $250,000 to work with him. And they come from across the world to work with him. (UK, USA, New Zealand, China). Dan Lok prides himself on potentially being your new best friend and competitions worst nightmare!

Amazing right? That’s because as a business consultant with an organized strategy, Mr. Dan Lok focuses on creating “celebrity-authorities” in their market spaces. By this, it’ll make celebrities to rise above their competition and be on “category of one” which allows their business to accelerate.

Mr. Dan has been a well-renowned advisor to most successful celebrity experts for the past 10 years. He’s considered the revenue strategist that celebrity entrepreneurs turn to for guidance.

Entrepreneurs choose to work with Mr. Dan Lok because he’s not just an ordinary “marketing guru”, but also an 8-figure businessman himself. He’s also one of the few consultants that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures. In other words, he eats his own cooking!

Three Ways to Work With Dan Lok


This first way will cost you $10,000/hr and it’s more about High-Ticket Sales breakthrough.

Mr. Dan Lok will break his schedule to make it possible to consult you on a specific hour you’ll require. For the hours you’ll pay for meeting him, he’ll truly share all his knowledge with regards to business.


The second way of how you can work with Mr. Lok, it’ll cost you $100,000/day. Mr. Lok will give you more of his strategy and more serious thoughts for improving business. However, “A day with Dan” program isn’t for everyone. Dan is very vocal with the amount of time he’ll spend with you since for him “time is money”, therefore it’ll really somehow cost you.

A DAY WITH DAN™ will teach you about the critical issues affecting mentors who are struggling to make a six- or seven-figure profit. You’ll spend an entire day with Dan together outlining in detail the next level of your business success.


The last option to work with Mr. Dan Lok is the most advised way. The minimum consultation is one-on-one with an agreement of 12 months. This will cost you $250,000 + revenue share of approximately 50 hours.

This program is for those who are committed to moving forward in a big-time way. You’ll receive his full commitment to help you with business. This will indeed give you the highest breakthrough!

Dan Lok’s High Ticket

Is Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer worth the price tag?

In denotative meaning, high ticket means something luxurious or expensive items like luxury cars, expensive clothes, jewelry, and many more. While the word closer means selling of the most expensive items.

High Ticket Closer is a program founded or created by Mr. Dan Lok. According to him, “for you to succeed in high ticket closing, you need to understand most the psychology of your customers.”

With this program, it’ll require you to have a clear mindset and a good manipulation skill. In short, High Ticker Closer can teach you to acquire the skill of getting good income. By this, you can increase the ability to make your own new financial freedom.

However, as a business minded person, is it worth the risk?

With that, let’s know first an overview of the creator of this program

Overview of Dan Lok Program

As what I’ve said, the High Ticket Closer program was created by Mr. Dan Lok. He’s an immigrant from Hongkong who after years settled in Canada.

When this program first started, he only had 49 slots on hand. However, his program became popular that he got the chance to add more slots.

High Ticket Closer operates for 7 weeks at a total cost of $2495. For this program to smoothly operate, he is the one who personally mentors his people.

How Does this Program Works

High Ticket Closer program is actually not for everyone. Prior to joining the program, Dan Lok requires the participant to be over all ready for an intense 7 weeks of training. The training includes the learning of how to make a financial success within the shortest time possible.

The training set by Mr. Lok requires people who are ambitious and willing to really work hard to gain financial freedom easily. It’s actually for people who want to be a boss of their own businesses, and who wants to gain a good amount of income.

Mr. Lok’s high ticket closer is streamed online at a given time every week. For all his programs, he makes sure that he’s live to answer every participant’s questions about it.

He also uses live demonstrations to share his ideas more thoroughly. Obviously, high ticket closer is good for people who are experts in sales and businesses.

Dan Lok himself is the very expert when it comes to high ticket sales. Therefore, it’s an assurance that you’re learning from one of the best personality in the business industry.

High Ticket Closer teaches you these following things:

  • With a high ticket mindset, you can have success in business and in life.
  • The psychology behind ultra-luxury selling and high ticket sales.
  • You’ll learn how to use the one-call closer methodology.
  • You’ll learn the secrets of closing millions of dollars over the phone by his high ticket sales scripts.
  • Learn how to handle rejections, resistance and objections without shame and with your head held high.
  • How to find legit high ticket partners.

If you have never earned yourself a 6-figure income, you’ll learn how to with this program.



Pros of Using
High Ticket Closer

This program is affordable although it’s categorized as high priced. Most business minded people can adjust themselves to get this program.

The fact that you’ll to learn a program that’ll make you earn more than thousands of dollars, the fee is a very small fraction of what you’ll be getting after this program. It’s worth all your efforts.

For the payment, you can pay for the program in three easy installments if you want.

If you’ll become a High Ticket Closer member, you’ll get the chance to shake hands with high ranking entrepreneurs, leaders, and even celebrities who are also under the program.

Another thing is that after successfully finished the program, Dan Lok will introduce you to some of his own high ranking clients. This is another bonus in being a High Ticket Closer member.

Financial freedom is not guaranteed but it’s possible. If you’re able to follow the High Ticket Closer program then you should start to see genuinely great results.

Cons of Using
High Ticket Closer

Since this program requires payment, it’s really not intended for businesses who are not eager to spend the amount needed. Therefore, the obvious con of this program is the start-up costs, especially for small businesses.

The program is not as cheap as you think since it’ll most likely cost you a couple of $1,000 to actually start the training.

If you start selling, you need the capital to buy into the program, but the good thing is you can actually sell other business products so you don’t really need to spend much on product making.

Another cons is that some products use a licensing model which means you need to actually own a product prior to selling it.